Is The Carrie Diaries New Tonight, February 4, 2013?
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Is The Carrie Diaries New Tonight, February 4, 2013?

It may be February 4 here in real life land, but in The Carrie Diaries world (which is the only world we want to live in, BTW), it’s late October and Season 1, Episode 4 is all about “Fright Night.” You know what that means, shiz is about to get scary for Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and her motley group of misfit friends.

Essentially, the title refers to a couple things going wrong in this episode: first, Carrie drags Walt (Brenden Dooling) to Larissa’s (Freema Agyman) wonkadoodle NYC party and a few things go wrong. Among those? Larissa does too many drugs, a mysterious stranger seems interested in one of our fair teens, and Carrie’s wig looks like that Britney Spears Lucky Mag cover... Back in Connecticut, Mouse (Ellen Wong) and Maggie (Katie Findlay) find themselves at Sebastian’s (Austin Butler) party, and one of them makes an unexpected connection with Carrie’s brand new ex.

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