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Is There Another “A” After Charles? Marlene King Says…
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Is There Another “A” After Charles? Marlene King Says…


News of the time jump Pretty Little Liars will embrace in Season 6 has us asking so many questions about the future of the “A” game. We know that an upcoming episode will be titled “Game Over, Charles,” implying that Charles’ reign as “A” will come to an end sooner rather than later. But who, if anyone, will take his place? Will there be another “A” after Charles? Here’s what PLL showrunner Marlene King had to tell People about the subject...

Marlene wouldn’t give a clear answer on whether Charles would be the final “A,” instead teasing: “I will say that Mona was Original A, Charles is Big A, and I don't want to hint to where the show is going after that just yet. Sorry!” Frustrating, but even Marlene’s evasion is somewhat telling. After all, not answering a question implies that said question has value. (Just one of the many tips you pick up as a PLL super fan.)

The question of another “A” after Charles does seem like an excellent question to be asking. We’re guessing that the time jump will follow a simple enough narrative: the Liars have moved on with their lives, only to be pulled back into the “A” game after four years of relative peace. It’s hard to imagine Charles fitting back into that narrative, especially if the Liars manage to take him down this summer season as the “Game Over, Charles” title implies. We can’t imagine PLL stretching the Charles narrative over another two seasons. However, we’re also not sure that it makes a lot of sense that there would be another “A.” But when has logic ever been this show’s guiding star? As long as PLL keeps creating delicious drama, we’ll keep watching.

Do you think there will be another “A” after Charles DiLaurentis? How do you think that would fit into the narrative of the show? Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: People