Jef Holm Is Still Tied to The Bachelor! How?
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Jef Holm

Jef Holm Is Still Tied to The Bachelor! How?

You can take the Bachelorette away from Jef Holm (and give her to another man within a year), but you can’t take Jef Holm away from The Bachelor franchise.

It’s a wonder we didn’t see Emily Maynard’s last fiancé on TV earlier this week during Juan Pablo Galavis’s Season 18, Episode 2 Salt Lake City date in Jef’s hometown. It’s not like we expected him to show up on Electric Run date and give some relevant advice about the show (“run for your life, buddy!”) but he would’ve been welcome — because he was kind of an honorary producer!

Chris Harrison told TV Guide Jef played “an integral part” in setting up Kat Hurd’s on-on-Juan electric run date in Utah, where Jef still reigns supreme..

“We went to Park City, Utah, for it and it was so cool,” Chris described. “Juan Pablo is an athletically inclined guy, so it was great for him and when [he and Kat] stopped and danced on stage it was a lot of fun.”

Jef is not the most active tweeter (he has yet to say anything about Em's recent engagement), but he teased the Bachelor episode on January 12, sharing a preview pic and writing, "Tomorrow night @JuanPaGalavis & his date (& this peace sign girl) experience the @ElectricRun!! Be sure to watch!!" After the episode aired, he tweeted, "That date looked awesome!! #electricrun."

It did look fun, if not terribly intimate or romantic. Do you think part of Jef (maybe his hair?) is jealous that he didn’t get to go on the date as this season’s Bachelor? There were rumors (thanks to this guy) that Jef might be the Season 18 rose-giver, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Are you glad ABC went with Juan Papa Bear or do you think some of these ladies would be a better fit for Jef?

Source: TV Guide