Is Tiny Defending Floyd Mayweather’s Comments? Hear What She Says! (VIDEO)
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Is Tiny Defending Floyd Mayweather’s Comments? Hear What She Says! (VIDEO)

By now, you all know about Floyd Mayweather’s comments at a press conference this past weekend where he said he had an affair with Grammy Award winner Tameka "Tiny" Harris, later recanting what he claimed. Tiny, of course, has her own opinions on the matter, but does she believe what Floyd had to say about his comment being taken out of context?

Well, if you’re hoping for a fight brewing between Tiny and her former heavyweight champion friend, you can guess again. During a visit to The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Tiny dished on whether or not she believed if Floyd said he in fact slept with her.

“First of all, that is so untrue and I could not imagine him saying ‘Oh yeah, I did that,’” Tiny told the radio show host, going on to add that after her own extensive research, she believes Floyd was misquoted.

“I had to go back, put my earbuds on, so I could really, really hear, and when he says it, he says, ‘He thought.’ But when he says it, his head is turned to the side, but if you look at his mouth, he’s saying it. His mouth is moving, he says, ‘He thought.’ So he didn’t really say that for real for real.”

Furthermore, Tiny says there couldn’t ever be any truth to the claim because she and Floyd have never been alone together — ever.

“That never happened,” Tiny says. “He’s never been in a room alone with my by himself. Anytime he’s been around me, it’s been with people like this, so I couldn’t imagine him saying, ‘Yeah I did that.’”

Even though it doesn’t look like Tiny and Floyd will ever patch up their friendship, it’s nice to know she does still have some trust in her one-time pal.

Do you think Floyd’s comments were taken out of context or did he really claim to have slept with Tiny? Tell us below!

Source: The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

07.24.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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