Is True Blood New Tonight? 6/23/2013
Is True Blood New Tonight? 6/23/2013
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True Blood

Is True Blood New Tonight? 6/23/2013


Are you ready for the next episode and wondering, is True Blood new tonight? Well, hold on to your fangs, Truebies, it’s an all new episode this week! True Blood Season 6, Episode 2: “The Sun” takes us back to the world of Bon Temps with the war on vampires heating up and a fresh love interest for Sookie on the horizon. Because, you know, she can only go around with Eric, Bill and Alcide so many times, right?

Also on True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 this week, we will find out more about Bill’s mysterious new powers and what Lilith has in store for him. From the True Blood spoilers we’ve seen, it’s not looking like anything good... We have to wonder how long Jessica is going to be able to function while she’s scared to bloody death of the one person she has left to lean on in the world.

From True Blood Season 6 promos for “The Sun,” we also know Eric Northman and Governor Truman Burrell are going to end up in a face-to-face confrontation and there are a whole lot of men with nasty weapons involved. Plus, we’ll find out more about the mysterious stranger who gave Jason Stackhouse a ride and how Alcide has decided to flex his authority as the new pack leader.

Will you be watching True Blood Season 6, Episode 1 tonight?