Is Vanderpump Rules New Tonight, March 11, 2013?
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Is Vanderpump Rules New Tonight, March 11, 2013?

The Vanderpump Rules season finale and reunion episodes have already aired, but there’s still so much unseen footage to see from this breakout reality hit! Just think of all the fights between Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder we didn’t see.

So will there be a new Vanderpump Rules episode tonight featuring all this tasty drama?

You, dear viewer, are in luck! Season 1, Episode 10 airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET, and it’s chock full of moments that didn’t make it into the eight episodes that were shown.

From the Vanderpump Rules spoilers and sneak peeks we’ve seen, fans of the show won’t be disappointed by a lack of drama.

In one clip, Jax and Laura-Leigh attend a staff party where she proclaims that she’s taken Stassi’s place in Jax’s life. But when she leaves to get another drink, Jax goes off about how he’s not interested in another relationship right away. He also confesses (much to everyone’s chagrin) that sex with Stassi toward the end of their relationship was “absolutely awful” and resembled an awkward sex-ed video.

“We were like glorified roommates,” Jax tells co-workers Scheana and Tina. When Tina asks whether he uses condoms with Laura-Leigh during their numerous sex-capades, Jax pleads the fifth.

Classy move, bro.

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