Is X Factor New Tonight, December 19, 2012?
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The X Factor

Is X Factor New Tonight, December 19, 2012?

yes. Yes. YES!

You GUYS! Not only is X Factor on tonight, it’s also Part 1 of the SEASON FINALE!!!! Although the winner won’t get the five mill until tomorrow’s final finale, tonight is where all the magic will happen.

Tonight, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, and Fifth Harmony are in a full-on death match to blow your mind, get your vote, take the prize, and achieve WORLD-WIDE DOMINATION! So, what’s going down? Besides singing purty songs solo, each act will be singing a duet with a superstar. And not just any stars. Fifth Harmony has sung two of judge Demi Lovato’s songs this season — and they’re finally going to be singing with her!

Tate and Carly Rose will both have country acts around to bolster their already slammin’ voices. Tate and Grammy-nominated group Little Big Town will be singing for gold, while Carly Rose will be fighting the moonlight with LeAnn Rimes (and yeah, that is the only LeAnn song we know...).

PLUS!!! Emblem3 will be unbreaking our hearts Toni Braxton-style by performing with the other eliminated contestants. Yessssssssssssssssssssssss.

Tune in to FOX 8PM PT/ET for the EPIC show.