Is X Factor New Tonight, December 20, 2012?
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The X Factor

Is X Factor New Tonight, December 20, 2012?

Hello? Seriously? Is X Factor new tonight? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, PEOPLE?!? No big deal, guys. It’s just the SEASON 2 FINALE!!!

Even if you missed all the auditions, all the boot camp sing-offs, all the weirdness of the singing at the not-actually-theirs judges’ houses, and all of the live shows up to this point, it’s time to turn on, tune in, put your feet up, and watch what happens.

The first part of the finale was a two-hour tribute to what three months of training looks like. Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, and Fifth Harmony all put on impressive performances, singing three songs — one repeat of a song from earlier in the season, one duet with a superstar, and one they hoped would sum them up and win it all.

So, tonight, it’s all coming to an end. One act will be crowned champion and will snap up a five-million-dollar recording contract, and the other three will cry and then probably be signed promptly by the same people.

Also happening? Pitbull is performing. Pitbull. You know, Pitbull. While rappers don’t do well as contestants on the show (just ask the geniuses in Lyric 145), they do just fine performing as guest stars.

And just so we all get our money’s worth, One Direction will be back. That’s cool. We would have preferred to see Britney Spears sing, but you know, she probably wasn’t available or something...

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