Kailyn Lowry Says Isaac Behaves Differently After Spending Time With Jo Rivera (VIDEO)
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Says Isaac Behaves Differently After Spending Time With Jo Rivera (VIDEO)

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry might be living the fab life in Delaware with her husband and two kids, but she'll always have to deal with her baby daddy, N.I.C.K.b (that's Jo Rivera to all you newbies).

Kailyn and Jo have a pretty strained relationship, but Kailyn has no choice but to let Isaac go to his house on the weekends. After all, that's what co-parenting is all about, and Jo's a great dad! That being said, Kailyn isn't exactly pleased by Jo's laid-back attitude when it comes to Isaac's schedule…

"We just see a whole different Isaac between the time that he goes to Jo's house and the time that he comes here," Kailyn said during MTV's Teen Mom 2 after show. "Rules are different, bedtime is different, he even dresses different. Everything is different. I don't always like it or agree with it, but that's kinda what comes with co-parenting. He goes to school with us, and then when he goes over to Jo's house he doesn't go to school … I think Jo is a little more lenient."

Ideally, Kailyn and Jo would agree on a schedule for their kiddo to avoid confusion, but we understand why Jo lets Isaac get away with more considering that he sees him less. Meanwhile, poor Kailyn worries that her son will eventually prefer to live with his dad!

"Sometimes I think he may get older and choose to live with his dad, because kinda it seems like the grass is always greener on the other side," she revealed. "He gets away with more over there."

Even if this happens, Kailyn can rest assured that Isaac will grow up knowing how much she cares about him, and if he ever needs proof he can go ahead and pop in Teen Mom 2 seasons 1-4 on DVD!

Do you think Jo should team up with Kailyn and enforce Isaac's schedule? Let us know below!

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