Grey’s Anatomy: Isaiah Washington Hypes Burke’s “Cold-Blooded” Return
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Isaiah Washington Hypes Burke’s “Cold-Blooded” Return

Like it or not, Isaiah Washington’s Preston Burke is making his big comeback on Grey’s Anatomy, and hasn’t exactly been given the warmest welcome ever by fans of the show. However, we’re trusting creator Shonda Rhimes to make the right decision. If Burke’s required to give our beloved Cristina (Sandra Oh) the proper closure before her big Seattle send-off, then we’ll oblige.

And even if you can’t wrap your head around Isaiah being back on set, we know what will get you excited for Burke’s return: Isaiah promises that his episode — Season 10, Episode 22 — will “blow your mind.”

“You are not ready. You can’t figure it out,” Isaiah said when he visited Wondercon for his new series, The 100, according to Buddy TV. “You can’t figure out Shonda. I don’t know what she eats.”

Our tears. For breakfast. That’s what Shonda eats.

“It is cold-blooded,” Burke later added. Could this be alluding to the fact that Cristina is not happy to see Burke again? Judging by the episode’s title — ”We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” — and that Cristina and Burke’s breakup was not an amicable one, we’re expecting a pretty volatile reunion.

Whether or not you’re a Burke fan, it’s impossible not to be a Cristina fan — and it sounds like we’re definitely getting some of Sandra’s best work out of this episode. “Sandra Oh has to be probably one of the most extraordinary talents I’ve ever worked with,” Isaiah said. We can’t argue with that!

What do you think will happen when Burke returns?

Source: Buddy TV