Grey’s Anatomy: Isaiah Washington to Star in a Play With Sandra Oh?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Isaiah Washington to Star in a Play With Sandra Oh?

Did you love Burke’s big return to Grey’s Anatomy — and how Cristina finally got closure after Burke left her at the altar all those years ago? You may get another reunion! In a recent interview, Isaiah Washington hinted that he and Sandra Oh may be paired up again soon… this time, on stage.

According to local ABC affiliate WWAY, Isaiah mentioned that he and Sandra have talked about starring together in the Shakespearean homage Macbeth in Africa, with Sandra playing Lady Macbeth. How crazy would that be?

Isaiah’s been talking about his own take on Shakespeare’s classic play for awhile now. Back in 2013, he contemplated turning the play into a movie set in Africa with a cast he hand-selected himself. No word on what Sandra wants to do, although we do know she’s got a few film projects lined up. She’ll undoubtedly be a busy lady, Grey’s or no Grey’s!

“It brought me back to those moments seven years ago — just how organic the way Sandra and I worked,” Isaiah said of his return to the show. “I had genuine doubts that maybe this wasn’t a good idea … But I’m glad I did, and I’m still excited about what happened. I’m very proud.”

We had our doubts, too, but the scenes between Burke and Cristina were so worth it.

Do you want to see Sandra and Isaiah star in a play together, or will they always be Burke and Cristina to you? Hit the comments and tell us what you think!

Source: WWAY, Life and Times

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