”It Was Like Good Sex, You Never Want It To End!” Top 10 Quotes From DWTS Season 12, Week 9
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Dancing With The Stars

”It Was Like Good Sex, You Never Want It To End!” Top 10 Quotes From DWTS Season 12, Week 9

We expect passionate outbursts from crazy judge Bruno Tonioli. But Brooke Burke? Even the Celebriquarium queen made our list of top 10 quotes from Dancing With the Stars Season 12, Week 9:

10. Len Goodman [while criticizing Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas]: "Don't hold a grudge against the judge."
Can we hold a grudge against your cheesy rhymes?

9. Tom Bergeron [to Ralph Macchio]: "The butt-booster pants work, buddy!"
What’s worse, talking to Ralph as if he’s a toddler in diapers or making lewd statements about his lamppost?

8. Bruno Tonioli: "Hines, just one sentence can describe you: 'You're just beautiful, man.'"
Aww! Bruno really can be sweet sometimes. But most of the time he’s just horny.

7. Maksim Chmerkovskiy [to Kirstie Alley]: "Stop reacting on my negative things in a negative way, because then we're both negative. One of us has to stay normal."
Oh, Maks. You and Kirstie have no shot at being “normal.” But, you know, a quick solution would be to stop being so negative yourself.

6. Bruno [to Ralph]: "You definitely went for a badass Salsa. Are you wearing extra large diapers?"
Two sentences that only make sense together on DWTS.

5. Mark: "I can't do any more."
Chelsea: "Tired?"
Mark: "No, I'm just lifting a dead weight. You're dancing, but you're not working. I'm full out right now. I'm busting my ass, you know what I mean?"
If you mean you’re sounding like a bratty diva, yeah. Give her a break, man!

4. Bruno [to Ralph]: "Something was happening when you were stroking your lamppost."
Hello! This is a creepy thing to say to anyone, but what is Bruno’s sexual obsession with sweet, innocent Ralph Macchio?

3. Brooke Burke: "If you haven't yet voted this season, then you're lame. What are you waiting for?"
Whoa! Look sharp, Tom, your co-host is (finally) showing some sass of her own!

2. Bruno [on Hines & Kym's Argentine Tango]: "It was like good sex, you never want it to end!"
Unlike your suggestive comments, which should probably end before you get in trouble.

1. Bruno [to Ralph & Karina Smirnoff]: "You were too rough with your p--y. No, a pussycat! A pussycat! Well, what is she?"
She’s embarrassed now, thanks to you!

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