“It’s Complicated…Worse Than Algebra” and More Great Pretty Little Liars Quotes From Season 1, Episode 11
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Pretty Little Liars

“It’s Complicated…Worse Than Algebra” and More Great Pretty Little Liars Quotes From Season 1, Episode 11

Anyone can lie. It takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from Season 11, Episode 11 of Pretty Little Liars, featuring quips aplenty from our favorite beatch, Mona!

10. Mona: "Concealer — the true miracle drug."
Mona discovers a medical breakthrough.

9. Aria (as Spencer holds up champagne): Uh, I’m fine with just cranberry juice.
Nobody is fine with just cranberry juice. Nobody.

8. Hanna: "I’m alone here all day with a mummified leg. Aside from wondering how I’m gonna go to the bathroom, I do nothing but worry."
Hasn't she heard of Facebook?

7. Ashley (to Hanna): "When they find the maniac who did this to you, I will kill him. After I kill him, I will sue him."
Ashley will do anything for money these days. Seriously.

6. Lucas (about Hanna’s cast): "That’s starting to look like the Declaration of Independence."
People love writing on Hanna. Beats getting run over by a car.

5. Mona (to Hanna): "That [cast] won’t keep you from wearing heels, will it?"
Mona really has her priorities in order.

4. Hanna: "What happened to you?"
Alison: "It’s complicated, Hanna. Really complicated — worse than algebra."
Wow. Sounds too tough for us.

3. Spencer (to Aria, about Ezra): "I tell you — part of me thinks this is really self-destructive behavior, and most of me just thinks it’s really hot."
Aria’s stories are better than watching late-night Cinemax.

2. Mona: "I promise never to listen to another rumor, unless I start it myself."
You didn’t expect Mona to change overnight, right?

1. Alison: "You know, I really should do something about “A.” That bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves."
Something we can all agree on.

And the Wetpaint Special Award for Most Unrealistically Sharp-Tongued Line By An Otherwise Banal Character Goes To:

Emily (to Jenna, about Toby): "Someone should have come between you two a long time ago—maybe a social worker with a bucket of ice water."
If Jenna had been able to see Emily, she would have cane-slapped her into next Tuesday.

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