Ivanka Trump: I Don’t Want My Children to Take Their Privilege For Granted
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Ivanka Trump: I Don’t Want My Children to Take Their Privilege For Granted

While growing up in the lap of luxury might have led others to become entitled brats, Ivanka Trump is uniquely aware of the advantages her elite lifestyle afforded her and she’s taking extra precautions to raise her children with humility.

Ivanka, who is expecting her second child with hubby (and New York Observer owner) Jared Kushner, opened up to People about her desire to raise socially-conscious individuals, despite the overwhelming privilege her children will have at their fingertips.

“Growing up in the city, growing up being exposed to the privilege that will surround the baby makes me have to be much stricter as a parent and really expose both of my children to the realities of the world around them,” says the expectant mom. “It’s very easy to grow up in Trump Tower in New York City and be very much in a bubble, so I feel like it’s my obligation as a parent to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

She adds, “That they don’t take the circumstances with which they grow up in for granted and also that they have a broader context for how other people live because otherwise, how do you learn empathy?”

Part of how she’s teaching daughter Arabella, 2, to keep in touch with reality, is to share some of the world’s natural beauty with her through gardening and cooking together.

While their garden is “not more than five vegetables, fruit and some birds,” Ivanka says that mother and daughter get to bond through their mutual love of the activity.

“We go out there together. She’s got her basket. She takes the cherry tomatoes and brings them to the sink. She washes everything,” says Ivanka. “A lot of times we actually cook the produce from the garden. We’ll bring it back over the weekend and put it into our meal. Salads are a weird thing to give a 2-year-old, but she loves it.”

As for Arabella’s feelings about the new addition to the family, Ivanka says the toddler can’t wait. “She’s really excited and borderline impatient at this point because I started talking about it around six to seven months and she hasn’t waited that long for anything in her life… So she asks me now, every morning, [if the baby's coming]. I think she’s starting to mistrust me in the sense that her sibling is actually going to be arriving.”

She adds, “She asks me when it’s going to come play with her. It’s very cute. Actually, when she has large dinners she starts rubbing her own tummy and asking if she’s having a baby. It’s very sweet.”

What do you think of Ivanka’s low-maintenance parenting style?

Source: People

09.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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