Which 16 and Pregnant Star is Practicing Abstinence?
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Which 16 and Pregnant Star is Practicing Abstinence?

If anyone knows that it’s hard to get pregnant as a teen, it’s the cast of 16 and Pregnant. These ladies welcomed their kiddos when they were just kids themselves, and got a serious lesson in the importance of birth control in the process. Most of the ladies weren’t using any form of protection when they conceived, and shared their plans to protect themselves against future unplanned pregnancy, including the Pill, the IUD, and condoms as the most popular options. 16 and Pregnant star Izabella Tovar apparently took the path less traveled once she popped out her first baby. Now homegirl is college-bound, and it seems like she’s been busy — not having sex.

Which 16 and Pregnant Star is Practicing Abstinence?
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We haven’t heard much from this little lady since she gave birth to son Henry, except for when she decided to change her son’s name to Henry this past fall, after two years of being called Enrique. Iz is still with her baby daddy Jairo, and the two are currently engaged, but have re-set a date after cancelling their wedding.

On July 30, Izabelle answered some burning questions on her Ask.fm site, including the question of “How often do you & Jairo have sex?” Izzie’s answer?

“We don't anymore. Having a child really changes your sex drive and sex life, especially having a toddler. Cosleeping makes it more difficult as well, but it is different for everyone,” Izabella replied.

Several fans asked Izabella if she found it hard to stay abstinent while sleeping in the same bed with her man, but Iz replied “Not really,” again noting that her son Henry does not sleep in his bed, but rather between herself and her fiancé.

For those unfamiliar, co-sleeping is a somewhat controversial parenting strategy in which children sleep in a parent’s bed from birth, often for long periods of time. We can imagine that it is hard for Iz to have private time with her man with their little boy sleeping right between them, but we guess if she’s trying to stay abstinent that is probably a very good thing!

Izabella’s choice might not be for everyone, but we’re proud of her for making parenting her son and strengthening her relationship with her baby daddy, so that the three can be a tight-knit family for years to come. And it’s definitely a bonus that she can stay worry-free about another unplanned pregnancy.

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