Does Jenelle Evans’s Son, Jace Call Nathan Griffith “Daddy”?
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Jenelle Evans

Does Jenelle Evans’s Son, Jace Call Nathan Griffith “Daddy”?

When Jenelle Evans first started dating her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, many fans (read: haters) thought they'd break up within a few weeks. How wrong they were! Jenelle and Nathan have been going out for over a year, are more in love than ever, and — oh yeah — they're expecting a baby this summer!

There's no denying that Nathan's become a huge part of Jenelle's life over the past year, which means he's also become a huge part of her son Jace's life. While Jenelle still doesn't have full custody of Jace, she sees him almost every weekend and he's gotten to know Nathan pretty well. But does Jace consider Nathan to be his dad?

A fan recently asked Jenelle if Jace calls Nathan "daddy," and her response might surprise you. "No not yet," Jenelle tweeted. "We told Jace once we are married he will be his daddy, until then he is Nathan to him."

Wow, sounds surprisingly mature! We're impressed that Jenelle hasn't pushed a father-son bond on Nathan and Jace, and has instead let their relationship develop naturally. Although, considering that Jace's biological father, Andrew Lewis, isn't involved in his life, it seems likely that Jace views Nathan as a father figure.

Do you think Jenelle's making the right decision? Keep in mind that she has a string of ex-boyfriends who also became close to Jace only to go MIA after breaking up with Jenelle. It's probably for the best that she's exercising caution this time around!