Dancing With the Stars 2013: Jack Osbourne Hopes For “More Consistent” Scoring — Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Jack Osbourne Hopes For “More Consistent” Scoring — Exclusive

Jack Osbourne is riding high off his first 10 in the ballroom, but can he keep up the momentum?

The 27-year-old Dancing With the Stars contestant is gearing up for Week 8 of the competition with his pro partner Cheryl Burke, and the two have a “musical” Tango planned for the judges — including guest judge Cher! Despite his initial reservations, Jack told Wetpaint Entertainment that he’s really starting to love dance.

Wetpaint recently caught up with Jack and Cheryl to talk about their Week 8 Tango, guest judge Cher, and the judges’ less-than-consistent scoring this season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We know you have the Tango coming up this week, so tell us about the preparation for that. How has it been going, Jack?

Jack Osbourne: It’s actually going pretty well! Every week that goes by, you start to pick up things quicker and more efficiently. We did a few times in its entirety already, and although there’s some polishing that needs to be done, it’s going pretty well.

This is Week 8, so this is when the competition really starts to get intense, and you start seeing really promising like Snooki go home. So are feeling the heat at this point? Or is it making you want to work harder?

Yeah, the way I see it is that every single person that’s left in this competition could all win, and everyone is good enough dancer to win. There’s seven of us left, and no one is bad! Everyone has got their strong point and can hold their own, so it’s going to be crazy to see how this all unfolds. I can’t predict who will be going home now because everyone is so good.

And then you have competitors like Bill, who said he would sacrifice himself so that Snooki could dance another week.

I love Bill. We all root for each other. There’s been zero bad blood. I was expecting that there was going to be one or two people who were going to be a sh*t-starter, if you will. No one has done that; It’s been amazing. Everyone has really been supporting each other. It’s crazy because when the elimination happened last week, the other team stood up and they went up to the stage, and Bill looked up at me and said, “Well, I guess I’m out of here. I’ll see you guys soon.” I was like, “You’re not going anywhere.” America loves him.

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Jack Osbourne Hopes For “More Consistent” Scoring — Exclusive
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Coming up, Cher is going to be a guest judge. She’s so fun. Are you excited to have her behind the judges’ table? Do you feel like she’s going to be more critical?

Cheryl Burke: I think she’s going to be an honest judge. We’ve never had anyone like Cher come on our show before so it’s going to be interesting to hear what she has to say.

She’s definitely not going to hold anything back.

Jack: Yeah, it’s going to be good because Cher doesn’t come from a traditional ballroom dance judging background. She is very much a performer and an artist, so it’s going to be interesting to hear her opinion of things.

Cheryl, when you went to make the choreography for this Tango, did that influence it? Because you know Cher will probably be looking for charisma and showmanship.

Cheryl: Tango is such a restrictive dance, so we have to stay in hold the whole time, but we’re definitely trying to play up more of the music. She may not know everything about ballroom dancing, but she definitely knows music, so we’re trying to make our Tango a lot more musical than normal.

And it’s her music, too, so it has to be good!

Cheryl: Yeah, exactly. There’s just so much more added pressure than usual.

[Jack’s one-year-old daughter Pearl interrupts]

Jack: Sorry, that’s my child.

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Jack Osbourne Hopes For “More Consistent” Scoring — Exclusive
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No, it’s OK! We really appreciated her adorable Yoda costume.

Jack: Yeah? She was in the zone!

Is she often with you in rehearsals?

Jack: She comes by at least once a week. She’ll pop by for a little bit. It’s good. She hangs out. She was hanging out last week, and everyone was coming in and out of our rehearsal room to have a bit of a play with her. She’s getting to know everyone, and it’s nice to have her around.

Congrats by the way for getting your first 10 in the competition!

Jack: Thank you, thank you very much. I definitely didn’t see that coming!

Cheryl: He didn’t. [Laughs]

Now that you have your first 10, do you feel like you need to keep getting them?

Jack: Yeah, there is that, but the thing is, every week, it’s a new dance, and it’s a new dance I’ve never learned before. You really have to go week-by-week. In a way, that was last week, and we have to continue doing better this week, but again, I may have gotten a 10, but I also got an 8 as well. I got an 8 from Len. I’d rather get all 9s than one 8 and one 10. I want some more consistent scoring. It’s been very up and down, but hey, I was very happy with the 10. I’ll take a 10 any day.

How has it been dealing with the criticism?

You know, I actually enjoy it. I think it’s kind of fun. I don’t have a problem with any of the comments or criticism, and I do try and take it on board. They’ve made a few comments about my hands because I have stress hands. When things get intense, my hands curl up and do weird things, and so, we’ve asked them specifically about my hands to try and work on it.

If this were to be your last week, what would be your biggest takeaway from this experience?

Everything! It’s been amazing. I started this competition 11 weeks ago, and I did not care about dancing at all. It was like, what happened to me? And now I’ve come away from it with a total love and respect for the artform. And I’ve also made some really good friends. It’s been fun! I’ve got friends for life from this show, and it’s really cool.

Who have you gotten closest to behind the scenes?

Cheryl: Me!

Jack: Cheryl is my No. 1 dance boo.

Cheryl: That’s right.

Jack: I’m close with Leah [Remini] and Bill now. But everyone is super close. Elizabeth [Berkley], who I knew before because our kids go to the same music class together, and there’s also Derek [Hough] and Mark [Ballas], and Emma [Slater] and Sasha [Farber], we’ve all become super close friends. We all went out on Wednesday night for Halloween, and it was like the best night out.

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Jack Osbourne Hopes For “More Consistent” Scoring — Exclusive
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Were you guys wearing your fox costumes?

Jack: I kind of did. I was wearing this fox onesie thing that I’ve had for years because the costume that I bought didn’t work. So I just wore my fox costume instead. I went to a restaurant the other day, and there was a very straight-laced guy behind the desk, and he looked at me and he goes, “What does a fox say?” It was really quite surreal.

Your family is so supportive. They’re there every week. How much does that support mean to you, especially from your sister Kelly, who was on the show previously?

Jack: My entire family is super supportive, and it’s great. I feel bad for making by mum cry, though. When she’s not there, I kind of feel relieved because I won’t make her cry this week. [Laughs] I guess the only real advice Kelly ever gave me was to dive head first and don’t hold back. You can’t have a foot out the door with this show.

What do you think, DWTS fans? Are you rooting for Jack Osbourne this season? Sound off in the comments!

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