Jacqueline Laurita to Appear on Manzo’d With Children? — Report
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita to Appear on Manzo’d With Children? — Report

We may be losing Jacqueline Laurita from The Real Housewives of New Jersey (though that is not confirmed), but according to All About the Real Housewives we'll still get to see Jac on Bravo if we're lucky. The RH fan site reports that a source has confirmed to them that Jacqueline will be making regular appearances on Caroline Manzo's upcoming spin-off, Manzo'd With Children.

Caroline officially revealed that she is definitely leaving RHoNJ, but we're still unsure if Jacqueline is definitely leaving. AATRH, however, claims that her mind is made up.

"Jacqueline thought it was best not to return to the Real Housewives because she wanted to focus more on Nicholas and how she can help other women who are going through the same things as her. When Caroline decided she wasn’t going to return, Jacqueline knew it wasn’t a good idea for her to stay on the show," the site writes.

Their source added, “Caroline and Jacqueline are closer than they’ve ever been and as Caroline films her spin-off, Jacqueline has already made appearances and will appear on the show.”

Another reason why Jacqueline might be jumping ship is the return of one of her former rivals, Dina Manzo. The former Housewife will reportedly be rejoining the Jersey gang during Season 6, and it's no secret that she and Jacqueline never really saw eye to eye.

“Jacqueline finds it very odd that Dina would come back to a show that she had such a strong hate for. Jacqueline doesn’t understand why Dina would want to come on a show that revolves around drama when she supposedly made it clear she hates drama!” the AATRH source shared.

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Source: All About the Real Housewives