Jacqueline Laurita Is “Chris’ Bitch” In Flashback Photo
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita Is “Chris’ Bitch” In Flashback Photo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita is showing off a throwback photo that features a shockingly racy fake tattoo.

On January 9, Jac posted a flashback photo (at left) on Twitter of herself in the Dominican Republic while she was giving a surprising shout-out to husband Chris Laurita.

As you can in the pic, taken while the ladies were on vacation in Punta Cana in Season 3, Jac has the words "Chris' Bitch" written on her arm and fake teardrop tats on her face.

"LOL! This was in Punta Cana.." Jacqueline captions the crazy shot.

This pic is too funny! Usually, people only get swear words written on their body in permanent marker when they've passed out in the middle of a party, but we're guessing that didn't happen to Jac.

This isn't the only throwback photo she's posted lately, as she also shared one from her much-younger days when she was rocking blonde hair. "Flashback!" Jacqueline captions that one. "Me with lighter hair…. and bangs…. and before Botox and boob reduction."

Jac sadly is rumored to not appear in the show's upcoming Season 6, but we hope she keeps posting hilarious pics like these!

Source: Twitter