Jacqueline Laurita in High School: See How Much She’s Changed! (PHOTO)
Credit: Jacqueline on Twitter    

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita in High School: See How Much She’s Changed! (PHOTO)

You have to appreciate honesty.

Like most of us, Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Jacqueline Laurita has changed a lot since high school. Unlike some of us, she’s had a lot of help along the way. And unlike some other people, she’s perfectly willing to be up-front about the tweaks she’s had to get here.

On April 6, Jacqueline shared side-by-side photos on Instagram, showing her physical journey from a teen to 43-year-old mom. “From High school to now,” she wrote. “I grow, I evolve.(I wear sunblock, lose my tan, get a nose job, Botox & a couple fillers for maintenance) Time moves on.”

Hey, at least she’s honest! Her curly hair was adorable, and very much on trend in the ‘80s, and sometimes it takes a while to realize sunblock is your skin’s best friend.

Unfortunately, we won’t see more of Jacqueline on RHoNJ Season 6, which recently finished filming. In February, she told Life & Style she's just enjoying time with her family and writing "a few books" —including one with her husband Chris about their journey with 4-year-old son Nicholas' autism. “My other passion is the beauty industry, so I’m also writing a book about busy moms and beauty things,” she said. “I’m also writing children’s books! I enjoy writing — that’s what I love.”

So fans can still follow Jacqueline’s story, just off Bravo — for now, anyway. You never know what the future will bring.

What do you think about her throwback photo, compared to now? Do you think she looks better today or with those totally tubular ‘80s curls?

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