Jacqueline Laurita “Hurt” By Teresa Giudice Blaming Her For Family Feud
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Jacqueline Laurita “Hurt” By Teresa Giudice Blaming Her For Family Feud

The dreaded confrontation between Jacqueline Laurita and former BFF Teresa Giudice went down (well, sort of) first went down a few weeks. While talking to cousin Kathy Wakile on the phone, Teresa accused Jacqueline of causing the feud in her family which sent Jac (who heard the conversation over the speakerphone) into overdrive. Recalling the conversation in question, Jac wrote in her Bravo TV blog that the accusations have left her feeling “hurt.”

It annoyed me so much, because I knew that I had done so much to try to bring her family back together, and not only was it not appreciated, I somehow became the a--hole, and I felt like Teresa wasn't taking any accountability for any of her own actions to cause the rift in her family,” Jac wrote, later adding “I was still so hurt and upset by the whole thing and my suppressed feelings and frustrations were starting to come to the forefront.”

Even though the war of words happened mostly over the phone, it was still pretty harsh, with both ladies throwing insults left and right. Looking back, Jacqueline noted how petty the whole thing was, writing: “ Looking back, we both sounded and acted a little silly, but when you're in the moment, everything just flows out. LOL!

At the end of it all, it was Kathy who had to endure the fight between her close friend and cousin — and this was something Jac feels the most sorry for.

I am sorry that Kathy got caught in the crossfire, but hey, I've been caught in theirs before as well,” she wrote.


It looks like now things are only going to get harder for Jac and Tre before they get better!

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