Jacqueline Laurita Blames “The Show” For Falling Out With Dina Manzo
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline Laurita Blames “The Show” For Falling Out With Dina Manzo

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Jacqueline Laurita and sister-in-law Dina Manzo are clearly on the outs. And now we're finally learning more about what's going on with them.

Jacqueline has never been completely upfront on why she and Dina aren't as close as they once were. But on October 3, she took to Twitter to try to explain their issues.

"Dina & I used to be really close when Chris & I first started dating & got married," Jacqueline sys. "We had a lot of fun together. Until the show. :0("

Now, it seems like the two don't want to even be around each other. "I don't think Dina is trying to get me fired, but I know she doesn't want to come on the show with me on it," she continues. "Probably to avoid any conflict." Well, there's nothing wrong with conflict-avoidance, we suppose.

So will Dina and Jac ever get on the same page and enjoy each other's company again? It sounds like Jacqueline is as hopeful as we are. "Hopefully, one day the family will come back together," Jacqueline writes. "Like other families we know, everyone has to sincerely want it & try, or it doesn't work."

Sounds like pretty good advice. And we can't wait to see all the ladies try to resolve their issues when the Season 5 Reunion Part 1 airs this Sunday!

Source: Twitter