Good News About Jacqueline Laurita’s Son Nicolas!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Good News About Jacqueline Laurita’s Son Nicolas!

On Real Housewives of New Jersey, we've gotten to see Jacqueline Laurita and husband Chris raise their son Nicholas, who has been diagnosed with autism. So what good news did Jacqueline just share about Nicholas?

Jacqueline is quite diligent about keeping her fans updated on the latest about Nicholas, and her tweet on January 15 is quite uplifting.

"For the first time since Nick's regression, last night I watched him eat an entire piece of chicken with a fork!" Jac writes. "YAY for using utensils!" Yay, indeed!

We're thrilled for Jacqueline and her family about this positive development, and we continue to wish their family all the best. And is anyone else suddenly hungry for chicken?

Meanwhile, Jac's other son, CJ, has been under the weather this week. "My little CJ is home sick today," she tweets on January 13. "Fever, sore throat, lost his voice. When I called the school, five other classmates were out with the same thing." Get better soon, CJ!

Last month, Jacqueline spoke to In Touch about ways in which she bonds with Nick. "I know that playing with Legos is something that my son, Nick, and I both enjoy doing together that enhances a connection between us," Jac said. So sweet!

Source: Jacqueline on Twitter