Jacqueline Laurita Takes Her Boys Skiing — Who Loved It and Who Hated It?
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Jacqueline Laurita Takes Her Boys Skiing — Who Loved It and Who Hated It?

Jacqueline Laurita spent her weekend on the slopes in Aspen, Colorado, along with the rest of her crew. The Real Housewives of New Jersey family was out there to attend Extreme Sports Camp, a special program dedicated to help children in the Autism spectrum learn new skills and be social at the same time.

Both of her kids hit the mountain, but one loved it while the other wasn't too thrilled. Can you guess who? Here's what Jac had to say.

"Nick LOVED skiing! CJ.....not so much," Jacqueline revealed.

Who would have thought!

Jacqueline went on to post a string of pictures from the day, as well as a couple of videos of Nick gliding down the hill with the help of his teachers.

"Good job, Nick!" you can hear Chris Laurita saying. He's such a proud Dad!

Jacqueline was super grateful that Nick got to have this awesome experience and she was particularly thankful to the pros at Extreme Sports for all that they do.

"The boys' ski instructors from Extreme Sports Camp in Aspen. They have the patience of God! AMAZING!!! XOXO," Jacqueline posted, along with a picture of the whole family posing with the team of instructors.

It sounds like the Lauritas had an amazing time out in Colorado… what a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day with the whole family! We hope they have a safe flight home, hopefully with a little less drama than the ride out. Apparently, Nick loves skiing, but he's not a huge fan of taking planes.

Are you surprised that Nick liked skiing so much? Sound off below!