Jada Pinkett-Smith Apologizes To Will Smith’s Ex-Wife For Dating Him While They Were Married

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Jada Pinkett-Smith Apologizes To Will Smith’s Ex-Wife For Dating Him While They Were Married


Many of us have followed the career of Will Smith ever since he was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Since that time, he has certainly grown up and his career has grown up with him. Today, he is 49 years old and he is known around the world as one of the greatest actors for his many roles in popular movies.

If you have been following his life for any amount of time, you recognize that he was married to Jada Pinkett in 1997. Many people look at their relationship as being a goal to obtain but they often forget about the fact that it didn't have the greatest beginning.


Will Smith met his bride to be in 1994. She auditioned for the part of his girlfriend on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and at that point, she was 24 years old and she didn't have much of an acting career behind her. At the same time, Smith was a star that was quite popular from his TV show and he was also known for his music and for is acting in various films.

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Jada wasn't able to score the role as Will's girlfriend on that show because it was thought that she was too short. Although she didn't get to play his girlfriend, she would eventually become his wife.

The problem is, Will Smith was not single at the time. He was already married to Sheree Zampino and they had a son that was born in 1992. They were already experiencing problems in their marriage when Smith met Jada and there was even talk of divorce. The relationship that fired up between him and Jada, however, caught the attention of many of his fans.

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Jada talks about the situation at that time in her life in a new Facebook watch series, Red Table Talk. To make matters even a little bit juicier, she did so with Sheree sitting across from her at the same table.


You can imagine that there is probably a little bit of tension left over from that early beginning. Interestingly, they start to discuss the blended family that they share and it was quite an interesting conversation. Since it first aired, it has gone viral and has tens of millions of views in only a few days.


It all started when Jada talked directly to Sheree about the regrets that she had. She didn't like the fact that she dated him while he was still married.

She explains that the beginning between the two of them was pretty rough and in hindsight, she didn't have a full understanding of marriage. She also didn't understand divorce and she regrets that she didn't fall back at that point.

Sheree gave a rather interesting reply by simply saying: "You think?"


Pinkett came right back by telling her "I do and I'm a tell you why. I would have fell back because I feel like when Will and I first started dating, I had this thing in my mind, 'Okay, well you did that and now that's done', you know."

Sheree really came back with a zinger when she said, "you think it was done?"

Jada didn't seem phased at that statement but rather, she admitted that was where she was wrong.


Then the apology started and Sheree simply answers "yes" multiple times. I think she was enjoying the apology.

"Now being a married woman, and if Will and I were to get divorced now, my God" Jada continues. "So when I think back about where I was, some of my insensitivities, my inconsideration, just in regards to you guys unwinding a marriage. Then me trying to get in there." Jada seems genuinely sorry for what she did.


The conversation was rather candid and they discussed a telephone conversation that they had during the time that the divorce was taking place. In the end, they are able to put their differences aside and embrace each other and talk about their skills as mothers in the blended family.

Many of Smith's fans have given a lot of support to this episode and they are congratulating these two women for putting the past behind them. We all recognize that there is a lot of perfection in Hollywood but sometimes, things do go the right way.