Is Jaden Smith’s Family Trying to Keep Him Away From Kylie Jenner?
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Is Jaden Smith’s Family Trying to Keep Him Away From Kylie Jenner?

It's just like Will Smith said: parents just don't understand.

As if growing up in Kim Kardashian's bodacious shadow isn't hard enough, Kylie Jenner's now learning just how far her family's reputation precedes them.

Star (via Celeb Dirty Laundry) reports that Kylie's rumored boyfriend, Jaden Smith, may be getting ready to cut ties with the youngest of the reality TV bunch, thanks to the not-so-supportive advice he's been getting from his own famous family about distancing himself from the Kardashian crew.

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith reportedly think that serious movie actor Jaden (star of clear Oscar contenders like The Karate Kid and After Earth) may damage his reputation in Hollywood if he keeps hanging out with reality stars like Kylie and her fame-hungry family.

While Star's report paints Kylie as being in the dark about what's going on in her relationship (and when, realistically, have the Kardashians not been executive producers on any part of their lives?) it looks like she may already be preparing for the split.

She's been spotted with troubled — and super age-inappropriate — rapper Lil Twist on multiple occasions over the summer, although recent tweets regarding her love life may be an indication that the pair are just friends.

Kylie wrote, "Media always making it seem like I’m dating everyone I’m seen with… Makes no sense to me. Don’t listen to everything u see, people.”

Do you think Jaden and Kylie can make it work?

Source: Star