Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Why Jake and Aria’s First Kiss Was Very “Unromantic”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Why Jake and Aria’s First Kiss Was Very “Unromantic”

Aria and Ezra may be "endgame," but the first time Jake (Ryan Guzman) and Aria kissed on Pretty Little Liars, we saw sparks. (Ezria shippers, say what you will, but at least Jake isn't a major "A" suspect!) However, while that first kiss seemed magical to us, it was anything but to actor Ryan Guzman! So what's the dirt on the epic Jaria scene?

In a recent interview with Cambio, the 25-year-old actor revealed that locking lips with Lucy Hale was "the most unromantic thing you can think of.” As it turns out, both Ryan and Luce were “deathly sick” at the time of filming.

"No one can really tell, but both of us between takes were hacking,” said Ryan. You gotta love this guy’s honesty!

Even though Jake and Aria made an adorable pair at the Rosewood hoedown, it sounds like that flame might not continue when Pretty Little Liars returns for the back half of Season 4 this January. After all, Jake doesn't like black-and-white movies, and Aria kissed Ezra! But it's good to know that Ryan had a great time on set with the PLLs.

When talking to Cambio about how welcoming the PLL family has been, Ryan said, “I visited set the other day and everybody came in and gave me hugs." This makes it sound as if Ryan’s visit was a) not to film anything and b) after an extended absence.

What do you think: Has Ryan made his PLL departure? Or do you fully expect to see him back when the rest of the season picks up next year? Head below to sound off with your thoughts.

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