Jake Pavelka Gives Dating Advice in New Series — Is He Qualified?

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Jake Pavelka Gives Dating Advice in New Series — Is He Qualified?

Is Jake Pavelka really qualified as a dating expert? Hmm, we’re about to find out. The Season 14 Bachelor will help coach a woman on “how to stay away from the ‘bad boys’ and find true love" in a guest appearance on the Season 1 finale of online dating show The Girl's Game. You can watch Jake’s Yahoo! web series appearance this Saturday, September 14 and decide for yourself if he’s the right guy for the job.

The relationship advice show is hosted by self-described "pick-up artist" Mehow Powers, who aims to help women land the man of their dreams by teaching them to understand how men think. Current videos in The Girl’s Game series include "Pick-up Tips for Tall Girls," "How to Reject a Guy," "How to Kill a Boring Conversation," "Avoiding His Friend Zone," and "The Subtext of Texting."

In terms of Jake’s episode topic, it’s interesting that he’s going to talk about “bad boys,” since he called out “bad boy” Wes Hayden while the pair was on The Bachelorette Season 5 — and then went straight for what many considered the “bad girl” of his Bachelor season, Vienna Girardi!

Jake has never been considered a “bad boy” himself, but we haven’t heard anything about the 35-year-old pilot finding true love either, so he may not be the best expert on that topic. Jillian Harris didn't pick him on The Bachelorette Season 5, and obviously things didn't end well with Vienna. After V, he dated Meghan Jones, Sarah Carroll, Ashley Ann Vickers, and even actress Kristin Chenoweth.

Qualified or not, this isn’t Jake’s first time sharing dating advice. He has a history of answering fans’ relationship Qs on Twitter, and he even told Sean Lowe, “don’t shut out your sweetheart” during Dancing With the Stars, since both Dallas boys decided to go straight from The Bachelor to DWTS. (Jake and Vienna broke up just a month after his DWTS season finale.) Jake even previously guest-starred on Yahoo!’s Bachelor spoof Burning Love, poking fun at the idea of finding real love on a dating show.

Jake is pretty self-aware when it comes to not quite hitting the mark as the Bachelor. Maybe he should come back on the web series’ second season to get a little dating advice for himself?

Would you take dating advice from Jake Pavelka? Weigh in below.

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