Jake Pavelka Slams Teen Mom, Says Show “Makes It Seem Like It’s Cool to Get Pregnant in High School”
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Teen Mom

Jake Pavelka Slams Teen Mom, Says Show “Makes It Seem Like It’s Cool to Get Pregnant in High School”

Former Bachelor star Jake Pavelka is taking aim at the Teen Mom franchise, saying it’s sad to see the show promoting teen pregnancies.

"I don’t get that at all," Jake said. "It’s not cool to be pregnant in high school. It is not cool and that is what that show does is it makes it seem like it’s cool to go get pregnant in high school out of wedlock."

But before you tell Jake to loosen up his tie, he seems to actually care about the girls on the show. Jake says he finds it sad that the young women like Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham never got to experience a normal life. "I’m like, 'You are altering your life. You have so much life to live. You’re a baby and you’re having baby. There’s so much of the world that you are going to miss out on.'"

"It’s so sad," Jake continues. "Some of these girls could be the next President of the United States." Jake believes that having a baby so young drastically changed their futures. But really? President?

"But they are on MTV," Jake explains. "If they are having the kid, it takes away from high school. They haven’t gotten to be in a sorority or go to college yet."

Jake is also shooting down the argument that the girls are making money from doing reality TV. "You don’t make huge salaries in reality," Jake states. "You just don’t. If someone gives you $100,000 to be on a show, let me tell you what, a $100,000 is nothing." And Jake should know, since he was on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and Bachelor Pad 2.

But before you go thinking that Jake hates everything about Teen Mom, there is one thing that he's cool with: the fact that they didn't get abortions.

"I applaud them for having that child and not aborting," he says. "I applaud that they are giving that kid a chance. I know some of the girls on it, but I don’t like what that represents. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it."

Ugh, Jake. Get in your plane and fly far, far away!

Source: Radar Online 

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