Jake Pavelka Is Basically Playing Himself on a Soap Opera, Again
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Jake Pavelka Is Basically Playing Himself on a Soap Opera, Again

As anyone who watched Season 14 of The Bachelor can attest, Jake Pavelka is great at being himself. Which is perfect, because he sometimes plays a pilot on a soap opera, and we can’t imagine what would have happened if he tried to sell a character unlike him. We’re imagining someone’s head exploding — likely ours.

You know, it’s like that time he was in Chippendales Revue in Las Vegas, and we were all “Yikes, well, at least he’s not really talking.” We’re pretty sure that his job as a pilot means he gets to talk plenty to a rapt audience, but then again, he’s usually talking about the things he knows best. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from his tweets, it’s that the man loves to talk about weather. [We can only imagine the thrill he gets from talking about cruising altitudes.]

But back to the “news” at hand... Jake has previously guest starred on The Bold and the Beautiful as a pilot, and it seems that he’s doing it again. The former Bachelor mentioned on Twitter that he was shopping for clothes for a television project, which is just totally bizarre. Why would a man who is allergic to shirts be responsible for choosing one? Mysteries of daytime television.

Soap Opera Network announced today that Jake’s pilot character (which is mentioned as the “Forrester pilot”) will return to the show on the Friday, August 9 episode of the long-running show. He shares scenes with two blonde women, and will be clothed.

Source: Soap Opera Network

07.31.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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