Jake Pavelka’s Surprising Career Change — He Has a New Job Doing WHAT?
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Jake Pavelka’s Surprising Career Change — He Has a New Job Doing WHAT?

At times, it seems as though Bachelor Season 14 star Jake Pavelka changes career paths more often than most people change their socks. Indeed, when we first met the guy, he was a pilot which he still is, but he has tried out many, many other professions since then. So what big new job did he just get?

Jake was "on the wings of love" when he met Vienna Girardi in the 2010 installment of the show, proposing to her during his show's finale. Soon after the show ended, he made it known that he was pursuing a career in showbiz, as he then competed on Dancing With the Stars Season 10 and was the fifth star to be eliminated. (And in case you hadn't heard, he and Vienna didn't quite work out.)

Okay, so "professional dancer" wasn't the right gig for him. So he tried his hand at acting, appearing on an episode of Drop Dead Diva and three episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, one of which aired in 2014. And then he went the reality show route, with Bachelor Pad 2 and a CW show called H8R.

At some point, he got into the culinary arts, appearing on reality shows Famous Food and this year's Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. On Celebrity Cook-Off, he was the second celeb eliminated. Ouch. In other words, when you make Guy Fieri look like a talented chef, you know that cooking isn't your strong suit.

But the modern-day Renaissance man wasn't done spreading his wings. In his most surprising career move, Jake signed on to host Chippendales shows in Vegas in 2012. Yep, things were looking grim for the guy.

Now, though, he has undergone one more reinvention: He is now in the real estate game. And this choice appears to be sticking. In fact, Dallas City Biz List reports that Jake has just been named the VP of retail development and investment sales at E Smith Realty Partners. We're not sure exactly what those words mean, but they sound important. Translation: Watch your back, Donald Trump.

So we congratulate Jake on a circuitous but apparently successful route to finding what he was meant to do! That said, by the time you finish this article, there's a 90% chance Jake will have already gotten a new job.

Are you surprised that Jake is now working in real estate?

Source: Dallas City Biz List