Jaleel White Has Lost 13 Pounds So Far On DWTS Season 14
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Jaleel White Has Lost 13 Pounds So Far On DWTS Season 14

Move over, Angelina Jolie’s right leg, it’s time to welcome Jaleel White’s eight-pack. We haven’t had the artist formerly known as Urkel on our list of Dancing With the Stars Season 14 hotties but his open-vest Samba on Latin Week made a good argument for inclusion. Who knew he was so ripped?

Jaleel has never been a big guy and told Us Weekly he never intended to lose weight on DWTS, but so far the show has led the 35-year-old 5’10” actor to lose 13 pounds, he says, and get down to about 169 lbs. "You're dripping in sweat,” Jaleel said. “You keep doing intervals of 30 minutes or 40 minutes, and you grab a quick snack and go back at it. I can pop a sweat so quickly now. It's new to me. It's ridiculous!"

He now has more energy and feels like he’s in his best shape since college. But everyone gets hurt on DWTS, so to ease his aches and pains, his Aussie partner Kym Johnson gives him a rather humbling healing routine. "I'm like a divorced woman lying in the Epsom salt baths with candles and incense, watching episodes of Dexter," Jaleel said. "It's hilarious!"

Ah, the pains men take in the name of beauty!

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Source: Us Weekly

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