Bachelorette’s James Case Expecting First Child With Girlfriend! Exclusive
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Bachelorette’s James Case Expecting First Child With Girlfriend! Exclusive

What a difference a year makes! At least, for James Case, who starred on The Bachelorette Season 9 with Desiree Hartsock. The 29-year-old Bach alum announced on March 19 that he is expecting a child with his girlfriend Alexandra, and Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with him for all the details.

Since his rose-getting days, he moved from Chicago to Miami, and has been living there for the last four months. His girlfriend Alexandra also lives in Will Smith’s favorite city, but that’s not where they met — their families have known each other practically forever!

“Our families have been friends for a hundred years,” James tells us. “Her great grandmother and my great grandmother are best friends. Her grandmother is my aunt’s godmother, and my aunt is my godmother, so… yeah, we have a really strong, amazing connection. We’re both really excited about the pregnancy. We have the best friendship as our foundation, and we’re so committed to continuing to grow our relationship.”

James adds that Alex, 33, has made him a better person since they connected. “She’s a beautiful person, she’s a huge nutritionist down in Miami, and people come to her from all over the world. She’s influenced my life in a healthy way. She’s very down to earth and has a great relationship with God. I don’t know if it was, like, meant to be, but it’s certainly a wonderful blessing.”

Though James and Alex have known of each other for their whole lives, it wasn’t until recently that their relationship elevated to a romantic level. “We’re family friends, but I hadn’t seen her in, like, ten years. It was all very new, when we started dating back in the fall. At first, it was a long distance relationship, but after my dad passed a few months ago, we went to Brazil for a month, and fell in love.”

The two currently live together in Miami, and while Alex is only a couple months along, James is already thinking about the future. “I could definitely see myself marrying her. In Cuban culture — we’re both Cuban — it’s considered good luck when one life is taken and another comes in right away.”

We couldn’t resist checking in on his TV future, just in case there was a chance we’d get more James this summer, if Bachelor Pad returns. But unfortunately for fans, this news definitely means he’s out of the running. “No, no Bachelor Pad now for sure, but I wouldn’t do it anyways. At this point in my life and in my career, it’s just not needed. Those days have run their course, and I’m on to a new chapter in my life. It’s a good one.”

We wish James and Alex the best of luck and love in their future.

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