James Case’s Best Friend Speaks: “He Was There For Love” — Exclusive!
Credit: Dante DiSabato    

The Bachelorette

James Case’s Best Friend Speaks: “He Was There For Love” — Exclusive!

Season 9 of The Bachelorette was in need of a villain — and last night, they got one. After allegedly musing about being the next Bachelor should Desiree Hartsock give her heart to someone else, James Case was ostracized, attacked and accused by the other guys for not being there for the (let’s hear you say it, folks) RIGHT REASONS.

They voiced their concern to Desiree, who in turn cried, cried some more, then ultimately sent James packing. Did she do the right thing? According to James’ best friend, Dante DiSabato, 27, the answer is no. Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Dante sticks up for his buddy and tells us exactly what he thinks James is really about.

Wetpaint: How did you and James meet?
Dante: I’ve known James for ten years. We met freshman year at the Miami University of Ohio. We were in the same dorm, then we lived together for the next three years. He’s become like a brother to me.

Have you been watching him on The Bachelorette?
Of course. He’s definitely stayed true to himself. One of the first things he discussed with Desiree was the topic of loyalty. That’s him in a nutshell. He’s a very loyal person. I know he’d do anything for me.

What do you think of the controversy over his supposed comments about being the next Bachelor?
James was there to find love, period. He told me that many times before leaving to do the show. And the date he and Des went on was perfect. I think the guys saw that he was getting on with her really well and needed an excuse to take him down. I don’t know what he said in the car, but knowing James, I think everyone else was twisting it to make him look bad.

Go on…
They put him in a terrible position and they put Des in one, too. Four guys shouldn’t be ganging up on someone and running to her because they’re insecure.

Did James have a strategy coming into the show?
Absolutely not. And he never mentioned anything about becoming the next Bachelor.

Does he have dreams of being famous?
No. He enjoys life, but he’s a humble guy.

Do you think Des made a mistake?
I do. I don’t think she gave him a fair chance. I think she listened to other people and was too easily influenced.

Is James still open to finding love?
Definitely. We talk about it all the time. We both enjoy life, but he wants to enjoy his with someone special. I hope he finds her.

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