James Franco: “I’m Not Going to High Schools Looking For Dates”
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James Franco: “I’m Not Going to High Schools Looking For Dates”

Remember last month when James Franco appeared to be a little too interested in a 17-year-old fan? It seemed like a bad dream we’d rather forget but the great Insta-hookup lives on and now the 36-year-old actor’s addressing the topic head on by talking to, of all people, Howard Stern.

“Seventeen is legal in New York,” James makes sure to clarify at the start of his radio interview with Howard. He then goes on to point out the obvious, “That being said, it’s still pretty damn young.”

Glad to hear James can do math. “They make it out like I’m pursuing young women,” he continued about the media’s coverage of the afterhours Instagramming. “I’m not going to high schools looking for dates. I’m leaving my work and they’re coming there. So, I’m seeing attractive women.”

Translation: It’s not my fault all the pretty, young things want a piece of the Franco.

We’re not quite sure what to make of the so-so explanation offered up by the Of Mice and Men star. He does say he feels for the teen.

“My sense is that it turned bad on her,” he explains. “Now people want to say I victim-bashed her or something. Like how is she a victim? Like anybody, I was just trying to meet somebody. It’s just that my dirty s—t gets put out internationally.”

Source: The Howard Stern Show

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