James Maslow: DWTS Producers Wanted Our Samba “So Sexy It Was Almost Controversial”
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Dancing With The Stars

James Maslow: DWTS Producers Wanted Our Samba “So Sexy It Was Almost Controversial”

Every so often, someone gives fans a peek behind the curtain of Dancing With the Stars.

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd just danced a Samba on Season 18 Week 7’s Latin Night, complete with Peta wearing what Erin Andrews compared to a Victoria’s Secret outfit and James completely shirtless. It was hot. Too hot? James touched on that in his Parade blog.

“I’ve seen mostly positive comments, but some people said it might have been a little too sexy last night,” James wrote, "but producers wanted us to take it to a place where it was so sexy it was almost controversial. Ultimately, it worked well with the night’s theme — if I didn’t take off my shirt, for example, I would have been the only guy that didn’t.”

Interesting. So it was the producers who pushed them to go that far. Anything for ratings! Couldn’t they push back against the producers, if they wanted to? They must’ve been OK doing that, for this week, since it was Latin Night and fit with the program. Otherwise they should tell the producers to quit it with the showmance angle and stop trying to play up their sex appeal to such an extent. A shirtless guy is one thing, but that Samba veered into the “get a room” stage. Besides, James and Peta can do a lot more than just be sexy, and they’ll show it off this week in a Viennese Waltz.

Returning to the Samba, James said he was happy with it, but a little disappointed in his scores. “It’s frustrating. I work every week to improve and I think I am improving, and Len continues to give me the same critique, which is technique. But if he had seen how I looked at the beginning of the week not knowing any of these dances, he would have been pretty impressed.” It takes a lot to impress Len Goodman, and it’s not always the thing you expect that gets him to flash his 10 paddle. (Just ask these two.)

Did you enjoy James and Peta’s super-sexy Samba or was it a little too risqué for your taste?

DWTS Season 18 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Parade