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James Van Der Beek Clears Up Rumors (VIDEO)

Friends With Better Lives premiered Monday night after the oh-so-controversial How I Met Your Mother finale! Right before the big premiere, FWBL co-stars James Van Der Beek and Brooklyn Decker sat down with Bill and Giuliana Rancic of E! News to talk not just about the series, but some rumors swirling around about the former Dawson's Creek star.

In a game of "So True, So False," Giuliana and Bill had Brooklyn guess whether reports about James were… well, true or false. She got all of them right, for the record — but what did James have to clear up?

First of all, when James said that he let then-underage Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass of 'NSync use his ID to get into a club? He confirmed it, again: totally, really, actually happened. (Lance remembers it, too, by the way.)

But there was one headline that James can't get behind — that he wants to be Indiana Jones. "TMZ saw me and said, 'Hey, they're going to replace Indiana Jones with Bradley Cooper,'" says James. "i was like, 'really? … You can't miss with Indy,' and they said, 'So what if it was you,' and I was like, 'Well yeah, f— Harrison Ford."

Of course, his deadpan humor made a grabby headline. "Next thing I know," reflects James, "'I wanna play Indiana Jones,' says James Van Der Beek." (Those Bradley Cooper rumors turned out to be false, too.)

Brooklyn and James also confirmed the Adrien Grenier thing that we all know about — how James beat out the Entourage star for his career-defining role as Dawson Leery — but not before Bill and Giuliana revealed they'd almost bought James's house. Not only that, but the house has a panic room. Whoa.

So what about this new show of James's? He describes it as "30 minutes of a good time laughing with some friends," and describes his character as "a newly divorced guy who is also thrown into the dating pool, having not asked a woman out since the invention of the text message." Sounds awkward!