\'Once Upon a Time\'s Jamie Chung Is Getting Death Threats
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Jamie Chung

‘Once Upon a Time’s Jamie Chung Is Getting Death Threats


As Mulan on ABC's Once Upon a Time, Jamie Chung is used to dealing with threats, but when the 32-year-old actress began receiving death threats in real life, she contacted the police. 

It was just revealed that the former Real World star received over 100 frightening emails back in August. Some were general harassment or mere annoyances, but several threatened to kill the TV star.

The emails were sent from two separate accounts, but police determined that both accounts belonged to the same individual due to their identical content. The authorities were then able to track the email's registration, find the sender, and issue a search warrant. 

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However, because the person sending Jamie the threats was geographically very far away from her, their threats were not deemed serious and the case was closed with no charges filed or arrests made.

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We're hoping the cops are right about this individual not posing a serious threat to Jamie's safety, but we still feel like something should have been done to stop the person from doing something similar again. Clearly, anyone who's sending a celebrity death threats is not exactly an upstanding member of society.

As far as we know, Jamie as not received any threats on her life or heard from the sender since August. Let's hope it stays that way.