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The Surprising (and Sexy!) Reason Why Jamie Lynn Spears Didn’t Have a Bachelorette Party (VIDEO)

Britney Spears might have no trouble wearing leather and wielding a whip for the public eye, but don’t expect her little sister to ever get so steamy. The 23-year-old recently stopped by E! and the topic of strip clubs came up, as it does.

Looking flawless in a hot red dress, Jamie smiled and nodded her way through a segment about the channel’s latest recruit to its stable of hits, Men of the Strip. That’s both the Las Vegas Strip and the profession that keeps these hunky men employed, btw. If you want to take a quick eye candy break, we suggest you watch our exclusive video all about this almost too hot to handle new show!

Done panting at your screen? Taken a cold shower? Great, because poor Jamie Lynn could have used a cooldown after watching the clip about the men getting their, um, poles measured. She turned nearly as red as her dress!

“Just watching that made me a little uncomfortable,” explains the mother of one, who just married beau James Watson in March. “That’s why I didn’t even have a bachelorette party.”

Keep watching the video above to hear about Jamie’s big sister’s latest stint in Vegas. And no, it doesn’t involve strippers. We think.

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