Jamie Otis on New Show: I Didn’t Know I’d Get Married at First Sight Until Final Casting!
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Jamie Otis on New Show: I Didn’t Know I’d Get Married at First Sight Until Final Casting!

Remember how when you first heard about fyi’s new reality series Married at First Sight you were like, “WTF?! Who would do that?” Well, Bachelor 16 alum Jamie Otis reacted the same way… at first. The 27-year-old spurned suitor of Ben Flajnik (you may remember her cringeworthy kiss with the wine schiller) just revealed that she had no idea what she was getting into when she first attended castings for the show.

In an interview with Emme Magazine this week, Jamie talked about how she first got involved with the show. “[Producers] had called and asked if I was still single and if I would be interested in this new dating show,” she revealed. “I said, ‘oh sure.’ I had no idea that it meant I would be marrying somebody at first sight until final casting.” Yikes!

Clearly, she did finally came around to the, ahem, unconventional idea — namely because of the track record of the European version of the series. “[On the Denmark version of the show,] two of the three couples stay together,” the nurse explained. She also said that the relationship experts involved with the process reassured her that this could be a successful experience.

After she’d convinced herself, Jamie still had to convince her family that it was a good idea. “My one sister said I was crazy. But my other sister said, ‘Jamie, you’ll probably never get married if it’s not like this because you have such an issue with commitment.’” That’s one way to look at it! At least she had her fam backing her during the obviously uncomfortable wedding day — particularly considering that she wasn’t initially feeling her matchmakers’ choice for her.

“When I was walking down the aisle, I wasn’t attracted to him,” the NYC gal admitted about her now-husband, Doug Hehner. “I was hoping for chemistry and butterflies. That didn’t happen. I got really scared. I feel like I got myself in a trap and I was stuck ... The first three impressions I felt were I wasn’t attracted to him, I felt uncomfortable around him, and I felt like I was stuck with him. I thought I made the wrong choice.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether the choice will actually pay off in the long run, but Jamie has, at least, come around to her ball and chain. “I grew to care about him a lot. Watching it back, it’s hurtful that I was so guarded. It comes off as rejection. It’s tough to see. I would never want to hurt someone that I care about. I think that he’s such a confident guy. To me, that’s such an attractive trait.”

Wishing Jamie and Doug the best on the rest of their journey! (Excuse the Bachelor terminology, we can’t just turn it off!)

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Source: Emme Magazine