Jamie Otis Opens Up About Losing Her Baby in Heartbreaking Blog
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Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis Opens Up About Losing Her Baby in Heartbreaking Blog


Just days after revealing she and husband Doug Hehner had miscarried their first child, Jamie Otis is bravely opening up about her difficult experience.

The Married at First Sight star says writing is “therapy” for her after this tragic loss, so she turned to her personal blog to write about the complications that contributed to baby Hehner’s passing.

As Jamie explains in the post titled, “Losing Baby Hehner,” she had been dealing with bleeding for a few weeks. At the time, she says the baby was “kicking, moving, and the heartbeat was going strong,” and the doctor confirmed everything was OK with the placenta, as well.

With this news, the Bachelor alum began planning a gender reveal party for the end of July, and was in the middle of creating the Facebook event for her friends and family when she and Doug walked in to see a doctor specializing in high-risk pregnancy.

Though the 30-year-old’s bleeding had ceased, the doctor broke the terrible news.

She writes, “The doctor flat out said, ‘The prognosis is very poor and there is nothing you can do to help it. You have very little amniotic fluid for the baby.’”

Jamie, a registered nurse, says she knew how important amniotic fluid was for growth and development of the fetus, but she still had a hard time accepting the prognosis.

“How could the prognosis be so ‘poor’ when I had just seen our baby’s feet kicking and his little body bouncing around in my belly less than a week before?” she asks.

She and her husband of two years were in “denial” in the beginning, but talking about this has helped.

“Hearing feedback from others who have experienced this incredible loss is therapy,” she explains. “Talking about my baby who I fell in love with the minute I knew his little heart was beating inside me is therapy. I wish I could hold him and love on him.”

She finishes, “Please pray for Doug, me, and our family. More importantly, pray for our little baby Hehner. I know he is up in heaven and I am sure he is bouncing on clouds, but selfishly I wish he was still bouncing in my belly. I’ll never get to see this Angel again on earth. He was given to us so graciously by God, and then God took him away way too early. My heart hurts so bad. Losing our baby has been the most terrible experience. I wish no one would ever have to endure this.”

Our hearts go out to the Hehners in this difficult time.