Jamie Otis on Married at First Sight: “My Wedding Day Was the Worst Day of My Life” (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Jamie Otis on Married at First Sight: “My Wedding Day Was the Worst Day of My Life” (VIDEO)

When The Bachelor Season 16’s Jamie Otis agreed to marry a total stranger without meeting him before her wedding day, she wasn’t sure what she was in for. But according to her, Jamie’s initial meeting with her new hubby — at the altar — turned out to be worse than she could have imagined. Ouch.

Jamie married Doug Hehner as part of the fyi network’s new series, Married at First Sight.

In an interview with ABC News, Jamie reveals that she wasn’t attracted to Doug when she first laid eyes on him and that she wondered, as she was walking down the aisle, “What am I doing?” The nurse says, “I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t stop crying. For most people their wedding day is the best day of their life, but my wedding day was probably the worst day of my life.”

How did Doug react to seeing Jamie? Dude was totally stoked, of course, and the waterworks didn’t phase him a bit. “I took it as a good sign she was taking this seriously,” he said. Talk about misreading the signals.

Thanks to a couple of production assistants blocking the exits, Jamie went through with the nuptials and Doug moved into Jamie’s apartment for four weeks. The pair have to live together for a month before deciding at the end of the series whether they want to divorce or make it work. Doug told ABC that the whole experience is “ridiculously mindboggling. Every day is like a first day with this person.”

So how does Jamie’s second foray into reality television compare to her stint on The Bachelor?

Jamie says, “The Bachelor is a tough situation to be in. Marriage at First Sight is entirely different. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily better, but for me, it’s more realistic.” Someone please get this girl a dictionary with the word “realistic” bookmarked and bolded.

Of her relationship with Doug, Jamie says, “We’re just taking it one day at a time and really trying to build a foundation. I know that sounds crazy because we’re already to where most people try to build up to. But it’s working.”

Well, slow clap for the newlyweds, everyone. We’ll be interested to check back in at week four. For now, you can check out the video of her interview below and then tell us what you think of her unconventional approach to marriage in the comments:

Source: ABC