Jane Lynch: “Nobody Wants Marriage Advice From Me Anymore” (VIDEO)
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Jane Lynch: “Nobody Wants Marriage Advice From Me Anymore” (VIDEO)

We’re starting to think Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) and TMZ are in cahoots to start their own series of life advice videos. Why else would the entertainment site keep tracking down Jane and asking her for relationship tips? Are there no other stars in Hollywood who have gotten divorced?

In all 27 seconds of this latest installment, a reporter asks Jane about marriage advice, prompting the 53-year-old actress to throw her head back and laugh in true Sue-plotting-against-Shuster style.

“Nobody wants marriage advice from me anymore,” she says, shaking her head and throwing her hand up to her chest. Funny enough, there’s a simple gold band clearly in place on that all-important left ring finger. Jane, is there something you’re not telling us?

Probably not seeing as Jane admittedly says she may be single but she’s not quite ready to mingle.

“I’m not dating,” she told a reporter when pressed if she was back out looking for love. We suspected this would be Jane’s answer seeing, as in last week’s TMZ/Jane Lynch video collaboration she shared “I kinda like being single.”

Jane and her wife of three years, Lara Embry, officially filed for divorce earlier this summer and the split took a nasty turn financially. Still, we like to think there’s someone out there just perfect for our favorite Cheerios coach.

Source: TMZ

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