Jane Lynch Talks About Her Sexuality, Felt Like She Had a Disease
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Jane Lynch Talks About Her Sexuality, Felt Like She Had a Disease

Before Glee’s Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) was the outspoken advocate for the LGBT community that she is today, she was just another teenager struggling with her sexual identity. But now that Jane feels like she has a good handle on her sexuality and who she is, she is ready to offer advice to anyone who might need it.

As part of a new web series called It Got Better, Jane tells her personal story of defining her sexuality as she grew up in a Chicago suburb in the 60s, and how now, many years later, things really did turn out okay.

“I identified more with boy things,” Jane explains of her childhood. “I enjoyed dressing like a boy, I spent summers without a shirt on until I was about ten and my mother was chasing after me, going, ‘Put on a shirt!’”

And eventually, the boys didn’t want to play with her, and it became more and more difficult for Jane to fit in with other kids. It took until she reached her teen years before she understood that it was because she was gay, and at first, she couldn’t embrace it.

“It was almost like a disease. I felt like I had been diagnosed,” Jane said.

It wasn’t until grad school that Jane became part of the gay community in New York and felt safe to date and be open about who she is. But today? Jane says feeling ostracized is no longer a part of her life, and now, she’s working in a field she loves and she’s not longer afraid of rejection.

“You’re gonna pull something out of your feet that is going to help you move on,” Jane says. “It’s going to make you strong and true and make you a more extraordinary person … It does get better, and it got better for me.”

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