7-Year-Old Jane Martin, Who Lost Brother in Boston Bombing, Gets a New Leg (PHOTO)
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7-Year-Old Jane Martin, Who Lost Brother in Boston Bombing, Gets a New Leg (PHOTO)

The horrible double bombing at the Boston Marathon is about four months behind us now, but for some of its victims, the healing is only just beginning. One of the victims was 8-year-old Martin Richards, who was one of three people who lost their lives that day, and his younger sister, Jane, is working to continue forward on her new prosthetic leg.

According to the Richards’ family blog, which was constructed following the attacks at the marathon, Jane has undergone 12 surgeries on her leg since it was lost below the knee; Jane’s mother, Denise, is recovering from an eye injury sustained from the blast; her father, Bill, suffered shrapnel to the leg, which has been treated; and miraculously, Jane’s older brother Henry was not affected physically by the blast that shook his whole family.

Jane was finally released from the hospital recently after her 12th surgery made it possible for her to be fitted with a prosthetic leg. She has been moved to a rehab facility to start exercises and strength training and learn how to move forward both physically and emotionally. “Jane continues to be an incredible source of inspiration — and exhaustion,” the family writes. “The loss of her leg has not slowed her one bit, or deterred her in any way. As we knew she would, when we finally returned home, Jane walked into the house with the aid of her crutches, but under her own power.”

While the family is incredibly proud of Jane and her progress, they are still haunted by the memories of their son, Richard, who would have turned 9 on June 9 of this year. “An hour doesn’t go by that we don’t feel the agony of Martin’s death and the senseless way it came about. The pain is constant and even the sweetest moments can become heartbreaking when we are struck by the realization that ‘Martin would have loved this…’”

We wish the family all the strength in the world in overcoming this monumental hurdle. It is clear that the Richards have a very strong support system at home with their family, friends, community, and even those like us who have never met them.

Source: Richard Family Boston

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08.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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