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Janet Hubert, the First Aunt Viv From Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Where Is She Now? (PHOTOS)

It blew our minds to see what little Nicky Banks looks like now — after all, he was just a little tyke when the series ended in 1996! One actress departed before little Nicky was even born, though: Janet Hubert, the first Aunt Vivian Banks.

Aunt Viv the First wasn't just a different actress; she was an entirely different character. Under Janet's reign, Viv was a no-nonsense career woman with a Ph. D — remember when she taught Black history at Will's school? — and absolutely regal fashion sense. She kept the whole Banks household in check, including Uncle Phil himself. ;Did we mention she's also an amazing dancer with a killer bod?

Viv 2.0 was softer around the edges; a matronly homemaker hesitant to take risks, leaving fans all over wondering: What happened to the original Viv? The story is long and complicated, and even 20 years after her departure from the show, it isn't yet resolved.

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