Jared Fogle Beaten & Bloodied in Prison Yard Ambush by Older Inmate — Report
Jared Fogle, children
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Jared Fogle Beaten & Bloodied in Prison Yard Ambush by Older Inmate — Report


Jared Fogle’s time in prison continues to go even more horribly than an average stint behind bars.

Not only has the convicted pedophile reportedly gained lots of weight during his short time on the inside, but he was also allegedly beaten to a bloodied pulp by a fellow inmate in a yard brawl.

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A fellow convict named Steven Nigg, who is 60 years old, started a fight with Subway’s former pitchman on January 29, pushing him to the ground and “then [unloading] a barrage of punches to his face,” TMZ reports.

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The 38-year-old was left with a swollen face, bloody nose, and lacerations all over his neck.

His attacker, despite his age, reportedly only came out with a small cut on his left hand from serving up the vicious beating.

The older man is in prison for a weapons charge and made the first attack because he has “major issues” with child molesters like Jared.

Steven's family isn’t even surprised by the incident and says he was miffed about how many underage sex predators are housed in Colorado’s Englewood federal prison — Fogle just happened to be “the last straw.”

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Steven was put in solitary confinement for his bad behavior, while we’re sure Jared turned to an entire box of Honey Buns for comfort.