The Bachelorette

Jason Biggs Jokes About Eric Hill’s Death During Bachelorette Premiere (VIDEO)

File this one under "get it together, man, you're being a total jerk." While Jason Biggs may say that he was joking when he tweeted about Eric Hill on Monday's Season 10 Premiere, we don't think it's a laughing matter. #AtAll.

The comedian/actor/poor taste-haver has a tradition of tweeting about the ABC rose-happy show, with most of his tweets on the vile/disgusting/hilarious side of things. But on May 19, he tweeted a few things that pissed everyone off. "Crazy rule change- instead of voting off the contestants, this season #TheBachelorette gets to kill them off," he wrote early on in the episode. If you don't get the "joke," it's probably because you didn't hear that world traveler Eric Hill passed away on April 23 in a tragic paragliding accident.

Fans flocked to Twitter to tear him a new one, but still, he carried on. At the end of the episode, he wrote, "Here's what I can tell you without watching- 8 of the 20 guys are in the closet, all of them workout, and 2 can do simple division." Typically rude, but not the worst thing he's written. Nope, he saved that for next, "And 19 of them are still alive," he wrote, hashtagging it "#TooSoon." Yep, you could say that again, Jason.

Since his inflammatory tweets, the actor has retweeted some of the most aggressive responses sent his way. Not surprisingly, he has yet to apologize for his behavior. He probably found an apple pie at a funeral reception and got distracted.