Jason Mesnick and Chris Siegfried Are Pairing Up on What New Project?
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Jason Mesnick and Chris Siegfried Are Pairing Up on What New Project?

It has happened. Fellow Seattlites and Bachelor Nation BFFs Jason Mesnick and Chris Siegfried have made a boo-tiful baby together. While this babeh doesn’t burp and coo or ask for chocolate milk and bedtime stories, it is just as magical as a tiny human. The duo have brought life into this world in the form of their shiny new podcast, BacheloRadio. So far they only have one episode up on the ‘nets, but it’s a doozy. They tackle the hard to touch topic of Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill’s death and weigh in on the one-man news machine that is Juan Pablo Galavis.

The first episode guest stars super fan Cathy Cangiano who asks the guys everything we could possibly want to ask of two men who found love in Bachelor Nation, then sits back and lets the guys dish. Well, Cath asks almost everything. She has yet to get Chris to reveal the lowdown on when he and his The Bachelorette Season 9 fiancée Desiree Hartsock will be making their Mr. and Mrs. status official. Come on, Cathy, get us the dirt girl! There are two hot men locked in a soundproof room with you, how bout you get creative with it?

The weekly podcast is similar in style to the super-candid show This is Reality Jason has been hosting with wife Molly. Similar, that is, in that they talk about The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and all things Bachelor Nation. It differs, however, in that Molly, aka Jason’s better half, isn’t there to keep him in line, so the show truly is from an uncensored male point of view. (We do like our men uncensored.)

Jason seems to be the only one of the talky twosome truly willing to say whatever pops into his pretty little head, though. Chris’s stint on The Bachelorette is barely in his rearview mirror, meaning he’s still likely under contractual obligations to ABC. Fear of breaching contract may be why The Sieg comes across as a bit more hesitant to lay all his deep, dark secret thoughts on the line. Or maybe he’s just mic shy (yeah right) and he’ll warm up in an episode or two. It’s also possible he’s just waiting to get his ABC sponsored wedding before he tells it like he really sees it. Whatever the case, he’s definitely the less dynamic of the duo. For now.

Despite Chris’s caginess, we can’t wait to tune in and hear what Mesfried (we spawned a new couple nickname!) think of Andi Dorfman’s hopefuls in the upcoming Bachelorette Season 10. There’s nothing like a little guy-on-guy judging to fill our days with sunshine.

Will you be tuning in to hear these two talk trash? Or is there enough coverage of all things Bachelor already?

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