Bachelor Jason Mesnick: I Was “Stupid” to Put My Son on Reality TV!
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Bachelor Jason Mesnick: I Was “Stupid” to Put My Son on Reality TV!

Most Bachelor fans can’t think of Season 13’s Jason Mesnick without picturing his young son, Ty. In fact, Jason might just be best known for his image as a (possibly excessively effusive) devoted single dad. (Well, other than that whole Melissa-Molly thing.) It’s been five years since Jason put then 3-year-old Ty on reality TV and, in hindsight, Jason says he’s really not sure it was the best idea!

“I actually feel kind of stupid for putting my kid kids on reality TV,” Jason tells his wife, Molly, during the June 25 episode of the couple’s This Is Reality Podcast.

“It sounds like we’re both against putting your kids on TV, but we’ve done it,” Molly says. She and Jason welcomed their first daughter, Riley, three months ago, and Riley’s face has already been splashed across multiple media outlet. “We just took her and put her on the Katie Couric show. She was in People magazine. Her first baby pictures. We put her in a magazine.”

“Yeah,” Jason agreed. “We’re still doing it.” That said, the reality TV dad says he’s well aware that many people hate the idea of putting kids on television.

“I probably am kind of liberal on that thought. I have done it before, and my ex-wife did not favor that at all. At this point, she doesn’t want Ty to be a part of any of that stuff. So that’s part of the reason why, when we had our wedding, Ty was a huge part of the wedding, but he was never on TV. He came running down the aisle. He tackled me, he did all that stuff, but it was never on TV at all.”

Bachelor Jason Mesnick: I Was “Stupid” to Put My Son on Reality TV!
Credit: Jason Mesnick on Twitter    

Even when Ty was on The Bachelor, Jason says he took great care to make sure his son wasn’t on camera too often. Plus, Jason says that if Ty ever got tired of having a microphone pack strapped to him, he made sure to stop filming immediately.

But is that good enough? “Maybe I’m just making excuses, because [...] the reason why they picked me is because I was a single dad. If I didn’t have a kid, they probably wouldn’t have ever picked me,” Jason says.

Do you agree with Jason’s choice to put his son on reality TV, in light of the care he took to make sure Ty wasn’t pushed past his limits? Or do you think that a parent should never put their child on a TV show? Head below and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Jason and Molly’s “This Is Reality” Podcast

06.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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